The quiet castle town of Nagahama City in Shiga Prefecture is home to Hamachirimen, world's famous silk crepe fabric. It is located on the northern shore of Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan, and overlooks Shiga's highest mountain, Mt.Ibuki. In this very town, we have created a new beauty standard for silk fabric. "Ecology" is our key concept. We have slowed down the relentless pursuit of efficiency, and by confronting environmental issues in sincerity, have created a more future-oriented and sustainable form of beauty. It is called NecoS (Nagahama Eco-friendly Silk). We, Yoshimasa Orimono, are proud to have embarked on this new chapter in the 300-year history of Hamachirimen.

滋賀県長浜市。日本最大の湖である琵琶湖の北部に位置し、滋賀県最高峰の伊吹山を東に望むこの静かな城下町で、シルク生地の美しさに新たな基準が生まれました。キーワードは「エコロジー」。 生産の効率をひたすらに求める歩みを少し緩め、環境問題に真摯に向き合うことで見えてきた未来志向の「美しさ」を形にします。その名をNecoS (Nagahama Eco-friendly Silk)。私たち𠮷正織物が浜ちりめん300年の歴史の中に誇りを持って記す、新たな一歩です。

Honest with Nature

Mountain springs. Fresh lake water. 
Hamachirimen lives with water.

The rich underground water of Mt.Ibuki contributes to the "water twisting" process that creates the beautiful wrinkly texture on the surface of Hamachirimen. The deep water of Lake Biwa, which is one of the best soft water in the world, is what gives suppleness to Hamachirimen. The water that enriches the land of Nagahama, and the traditional techniques that have been passed down in this town for 300 years, is what makes our Hamachirimen so special.




"Two months, 38 steps" 
The elimination of chemical substances from entire process.

Silk is one of the finest forms of natural fiber. As a factory that has been dedicated to the silk industry with the great help of nature's blessings, we feel a strong need to face environmental issues with sincerity. We have reviewed all 38 steps of the manufacturing process, and succeeded in developing a completely chemical-free new technology, "NecoS".  This marks the beginning of a silk fabric that can be truly described as "nature-derived." 



white WHITE

Non-Bleached "white" sets a new path 
for the future of Hamachirimen

The beautiful white color of Hamachirimen used to be considered high quality. This color, however, was achieved using chemicals and was "too white". The "white" color of NecoS is the color of natural silk itself and only of silk. This color symbolizes a new era-one that breaks conventional stereotypes and speaks eloquently of sustainable beauty.




A new step forward in the 300-year history 
starts with NecoS.

Our Hamachirimen has lived with the 300-year history in the town of Nagahama. While inheriting the wisdom of our ancestors, each and every one of the various weaves created through trial and error has a unique beauty, gentleness, and texture. NecoS now adds a new value to our Hamachirimen, which is already appreciated as the world's finest silk crepe fabric.


長浜の地で連綿と続く300 年という歴史の中に生きる、私たち𠮷正織物の「浜ちりめん」。先人の知恵を受け継ぎながら、試行錯誤の中で生み出してきた多様な織りの一つ一つに、独特の美しさ、やさしさ、風合いが宿る―。そんな私たちの「浜ちりめん」に、今、NecoSが新たな息吹を与えます。

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